KOSHER, What's Kosher?  

OK, let's just say that each Povitica is made with the best ingredients.  Our facility is super clean and we're proud to say that everything we make is KOSHER DAIRY and certified by VAAD of Kansas City.

Now, for those of you doing a book report... In Hebrew, "Kashrus," from the root of (KOSHER), means "pure".  Kosher is not necessarily a cooking style, it simply means that the way we prepare our Povitica is synonymous with "purity, quality, and high standards or preparation".

Being KOSHER does not involve "blessing" each Povitica and it doesn't apply solely to Jewish cuisine.  Kosher certification involves examining the ingredients used to make the food, examining the process by which the food is prepared, and periodically inspecting the processing facilities to make sure that KOSHER standards are maintained.

Because of the extra supervision involved in the food's preparation, KOSHER has sparked the interest of the health conscious. Our safety, quality and cleanliness standards are second to none.


Download Strawberry Hil's Kosher Certificate from VAAD of KC