Strawberry Cream Cheese Povitica

It wouldn't Be "The Hill" without them: Strawberry Hill's namesake is sweet, wild strawberries, it just wouldn't be Strawberry Hill without them.   

Grandma's Filling: 
We fold in layers of sweet pureed strawberries into our classic cream cheese filling. We add a touch of real sugar, and this instant favorite is ready for any summer or winter party.

Paper-Thin Pastry: We create our own flakey pastry dough and enrobe our fillings with just enough to hold them all together. The result is simply a big hug of art and taste. 

The Details: Each Povitica is hand-rolled and weighs in at 2.5lbs. It's shipped in our signature Strawberry Hill Gift Box. Refrigerate on arrival/ or freeze for up to three months.

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