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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Povitica

Q.  "What is Povitica and, more importantly, what does it taste like?"  

A.  Wow, that's a tough one to answer in a paragraph or two, but we'll give it a shot.  Povitica is an Eastern European dessert bread.  It's also known as "Potica", "Gubana", "Makiwiec" and "Orahnjaca".  In a pinch, we call it a "Nut Roll".  PovitIca's outside layers are simply rolled sweet dough with a really yummy filling.  We fill our Povitica with all kinds of good tasting stuff like English walnuts, cream cheese, wild Maine blueberries, strawberries, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and so on.  We're pretty sure you'll find a flavor that likes you!

If you are interested in learning a bit more about Povitica's history check out this link on Wikipedia.  The word "Povitica" means rolled or swirled bread. The word simply describes the way we make it. Yep, there's a VIDEO.

Q.  "Do you have two different sizes of Povitica?"

A.  Yes, we do. We have a two-and-a-half pound loaf that is perfect for a holiday, gift or for a family of four.  We also hand make a one-pound Povitica that is typically sold in a four loaf arrangement.  It's perfect for trying when you're not sure which flavor is right for you.  No matter which size you choose, they are both hand-made to order and shipped with TLC from our oven to your door.  

Q.  "How long would you suggest that I keep povitica around on my counter, or in my fridge?"

A.  Great question... If possible, you should keep Povitica in your fridge year round!  Povitica is a densely packed sweet bread.  Our great-grandparents would make 12~14 Poviticas and keep them in their cellar for the entire holiday season.  We don't recommend you toss them in your basement, but you can gently place them on your countertop for up to a week.  Need a little longer... refrigerate them for up to 14 days or freeze them for up to three months.  

Q.  "This Povitica thing is new to ME, how do I serve Povitica?"

A.  Povitica can be sliced, diced and served in any number of ways.  Each 2.5lb Povitica will yield 9~10 thick slices or 18~20 half slices.  Turn each loaf upside down and slice right before you are going to serve them.  

If you're entertaining, try cutting each one-inch slice into 9 cubes (Think tic-tac-toe), place them on a serving dish or tray and voila, you're an instant party hero.  Want to "WOW" your guests a little more? Cube and stagger two different flavors of Povitica on a single serving tray.  Want more ideas? Povitica on Pinterest.

Q.  "Shipping in a NUTSHELL? Yes, We Do!"

A.  Yes, we most certainly ship Povitica. As a matter of fact, most of our Povitica is shipped all over the country (Us Eastern Europeans are very mobile).  Yes, we ship to Hawaii and Alaska (may cost a bit more, but it's worth it)  Yes, we ship via most major carriers, including UPS, USPS.  Povitica's are made to order, so we may take an extra day or two to get it to you, but that's OK, who wants a bad Povitica anyway!  Yes, we do ship to PO Boxes and yes we can get pretty close to your desired delivery date.  Each item you add to your shopping cart will have a delayed ship date option, just pick the closest date and you're all set!

Q.  "Gift, did you say gift?"

A.  You had to be pretty important to get a Povitica from our family!  If you were the mail-man, the plumber, quite possibly the butcher and a select cousin, you were set.  Anyone else, forget it... Making a Povitica was painstaking work.  You had to use your bed sheets for Pete's sake.  Nowadays we've made it easy for you and your family to get your own FANTASTIC Povitica.  Just create or log into your account, choose a Povitica or Povitica collection and we'll follow your instructions on who to send it to, when you want it to arrive and what special gift message you want to be attached.  See, it's easy!