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It's Pronounced Poh-Va-Teet-Sa!

At least that’s what grandma called it.  This Eastern European pastry is known by many names: 

Povitica   Kolachi   Strudel   Potica   Gubana

Nutroll   Poppyroll   Makowiec   Orechovnik   Bejgli

No matter how you say it, no matter what you call it, each Povitica is handmade and hand-rolled with your choice of delectable fillings. From the Traditional English Walnut to White Chocolate Cherry, you’re sure to find a favorite.


Making Povitica was one thing, getting the recipe from Dorothy & Daisy was another. Once we got past the whole “it’s a secret” thing we had to convince them to actually write it down.

Povitica Grandmas

The art of mixing and kneading our dough gives each Povitica a buttery, flakey, and delicate foundation for our handcrafted fillings. Each loaf is hand rounded and then it’s off to the sheeter to get really thin!


Rolling each dough ball until it’s paper-thin gives our Povitica its classic white swirls. We roll our dough so thin that you can read a newspaper through it.


Now that the dough is nice and thin, it’s time to get messy. From locally sourced honey to freshly ground English Walnuts, each small batch of Povitica filling is hand-made daily.

The S Fold

Some say that our Eastern European ancestors added the "S" for Slovenia, we think it's because you get three pretty little loops instead of one.  Either way, it's what makes a Povitica a Strawberry Hill Povitica


Each Povitica is about three pounds before it leisurely basks in a 325-degree oven. Once done, it cools slowly until it’s ready to be hand-packed and shipped directly to you or your gift recipient.